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About Us is one of the market leaders having business focusing in the promotion and presentation of Indonesia's richness to the international community. The astounding offers where Indonesia is seen as the perfect tourist destination are delivered through an Internet portal considered by the e-corporation as their no. 1, unparalleled realm of business, where strive to achieve perfection in customer care and satisfaction.

In its infant state the company enjoys a rapid and prosperous growth and new market expansion due to the strong financial support and backing provided by their corporate Enterprise group, under the flag Khrisna Group of companies who are leaders in the market they serve. Under the wings of these powerful companies, and having a corporate office in Bali, offers fantastic packages that would disclose, like never before, the concealed beauty of Indonesia as a country with its vast astonishing culture and superb way of life. Moreover, much effort has been given to the design of packages that intensifies the deep elaboration of the exotic Bali, known to the world as the island of the gods. It is within these qualities, once in a lifetime packages that enables our customers to differentiate us from the others. For e-corporation, we place customer needs, and satisfaction as a first priority, and as such, we believe the quality of the packages remains yet to be the most crucial ingredient of our business.

At its early stage, has already enabled world wide customers to experience the satisfaction of being served by true professionals who knows the true ingredients of making customers dream come true. We are convinced that competence and professionalism are the essential foundations upon which the customers confidence and loyalty is built upon. We are the best at what we do, we focus and not diversify and our business strategy can be summarized by only the words "quality" and "superiority". In addition, with the comprehensive knowledge of the tourism industry and the true dedication in quality, and with access to the latest communication technology provided by the Big Giants of IT such as Linux and Lotus IBM, and with the thousands of links exchange program and affiliation with major sites such as AOL, ICQ, Yahoo and powerful search engines, the e-corporation maintains the supremacy of packages that it provides. Last but not least, in its capacity as online tours and travel wholesaler, is fully committed to a thorough understanding and appreciation of the requirements of both our domestic and international customers and above all devoted to presenting only the fineness of our partners fulfillment product offer.

Since the day of its inception due to the speed of its growth, the company has built up a very impressive client base of customers from all over the world, and in regards to these customers, has now managed to earn their trust. Furthermore, in the fulfillment side of the portal, the existence of has gain the acceptance of major 5 and 4 star hotels such as Oberoi, Sheraton Laguna, Hardrock Hotel etc, famous villas, and other fulfillment organizations and companies.

Today the company has over 20 employees and with the principal occupation being the provider of a once in a lifetime heavenly tour, travel, courses, wedding and accommodation packages. Hence, the corporation is certain it will soon gain the title as the most prestigious travel portal in the planet. At the end, with all our success and our advances it is worth mentioning that we believe that it is actually our capable staff that brings beliefs, plans, opportunity and strategies to fruition. And accordingly, we invest great time and effort in training all our staff in quality of service, encouraging them to aspire to the highest levels of professionalism since we acknowledge that such training breeds confidence and creates the dedicated team who can handle international product specific demands tailored to the needs of each customer. Thus, it is natural to expect an important advantage resulting from all these stability. Never the less, with all the packages we deliver and with all the advantages acquired, never did we disremember that customers, and our business partners needs will change, as will the global nature of their markets. In such we strive to maintain a close relationship we have with our customers and partners and achieve excellence every step of the way, which will bring to ultimate fruition our "Professional partners in business" belief.



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