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Bali Spa Treatment
Bali is the ultimate spa destination. With a vast range of exotic tropical ingredients to spice up your spa experience, the most luxurious environments of natural wood, clay and stone, and the most caring and genuinely warm attendants to assist you, there is definitely no better place to indulge.
The Tropical SPA in Bali. Balinese has been world-famous for it's exotic traditions, vibrant cultures with gentle people.

Spring: hot water spring and mineral, water spring in addition, with thousand of heavy rainfall, Indonesian forest have grown into wildness full of secret treasures. Indonesia has the world second largest rainforest with about 10 thousand species of plants, these valuable natures have been so kindly nurturing our culture with many traditional ways of personal care.

Based on reflexology technical to improve blood circulation, promotes the unblocking of nerve impulse, relieve stress, tension & fatigue and build stronger body resistance. Stretching and acupressure point techniques of Balinese massage combined with Swedish massage, using aromatherapy, using aromatherapy massage oil. Deep back to ancient Javanese ritual, designed to help clean & refresh the body into a deep state of relaxation, soothes muscles and to calm, the nerves helps to ease stress and stimulate blood circulation.

Our natural techniques and handmade recipe with refresh ingredients, all used to elense, refine and balance your delicate face skin. A gentle massage to toe with your choice of body scrub to stimulates blood circulation, while softness, rejuvenates and nourishes your skin.

The exquisite traditional facial or traditional hair cream bath with your choice of reflexology or head and back massage. A Paradise treatment starting with Balinese traditional facial or reflexology or aromatherapy flower bath. A wonderful experience begins with an aromatherapy foot bath, body wash, choice of body scrub, aromatherapy flower bath and finished by traditional facial or traditional hair cream bath.

Traditional body treatment using Magical Balinese Boreh or famous Javanese lulur to ultimate dead skin cell and completed by an aromatherapy fresh flower bath. Pamper yourself with Balinese traditional massage, followed by aromatherapy foot bath, body wash, choice of body scrub and aromatherapy flower bath. An exotic luxurious and unforgettable ritual with a combination of Balinese traditional massage, choice of reflexology or traditional facial, aromatherapy foot bath, body wash, choice of body scrub and aromatherapy flower bath.


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